Liverpool fire leaves husband and wife homeless


“You work hard in yuh lifetime and everything gone, you must gotta feel sad.”

Those are the words of 39-year-old Norman Thom, an employee of the Albion Sugar Estate who lost his Liverpool, Corentyne, Berbice house to a fire on Thursday morning.

Thom, who lived with his wife in the flat concrete structure, said he received a telephone call at around 09:00 hrs while at work that his house was on fire.

When he arrived, the house was almost completely destroyed.

The couple’s flat concrete structure was destroyed in an early morning fire at Liverpool (Photo: News Room/March 30, 2023)

“I leave to go to work this morning and got a call that my house on fire. By the time I meet home this is what I come and see. Everything burn down, only thing managed to save was the car.”

Thom said it appears that the fire started in the front room where the couple’s clothes are kept. His wife, who is a nursing student, was also not home at the time of the fire.

Thom, who also owns a small poultry business, said that he had approximately 100 chickens but saw only one “running about.”

He is estimating millions of dollars in losses, including furniture, appliances, important documents, cash, cheques and other belongings.

Thom is also open to assistance of any kind to rebuild. Persons desirous of helping can contact him on 697-2324.

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