Cane harvester found dead in Canje Creek


A 52-year-old man who was reported missing two days ago was on Friday pulled from the Canje Creek.

Dead is Nohar Singh of Betsy Ground, East Canje Berbice. The News Room understands that Singh ventured into the Canje Creek to work at a camp with three others on March 29.

Relatives said that while he was employed as a cane harvester at the Rose Hall Estate, he would usually work at the camp during his spare time.

While in the creek, Singh reportedly complained to his workmates that he was not feeling well and then headed back to the camp to rest. When the others returned, he was nowhere to be found.

The workmates claimed that they searched for him but came up empty; they then headed out of the creek and informed Singh’s relatives on Thursday night.

The man’s sister, Sunita Singh, told the News Room that when the family filed a report at the Central Police Station, the officers there told them that they can only search for him the next day.

“We went to the station last night and the Police told us to wait till this morning and me tell dem that me brother na go able wait till morning and that he gonna go search. Dem tell me if he dead, don’t touch him and if he live, touch him and bring him at the station,” the distressed sister said.

As a result, relatives decided they will search on their own since the Police did not provide any assistance.

Meanwhile, Singh’s wife, Ann Persaud, said that she did not want him to venture to the creek and they even fought about it before he left.

“I row with he and tell he that he have his work at the estate and don’t go back to the creek. I tek away he bag and he na hear; I fight with he in the house and he said he still going to the creek and catch hassar.”

Singh’s body was found by relatives during a search between 06:00 hrs and 09:00 hrs. There were no visible marks of violence, relatives said.

The three men who were on the trip with him are in Police custody.

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