Some popular politicians, small parties will not contest upcoming Local Government Elections


The Mayor of Georgetown, Ubraj Narine, along with two small parties from the joinder list – A New and United Guyana (ANUG) and the New Movement (TNM) – on Friday confirmed that they will not be contesting in the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE).

While Narine said his decision is mainly to allow youths the opportunity to serve, ANUG and TNM have cited personnel resources and funding as their reasons.

“I will not contest at the Local Government Elections,” Narine told a press conference held at the Mayor’s Complex on Friday.

The Mayor, however, made it clear that he will not be exiting his political party or politics, in general.

The TNM and ANUG indicated their position at a press conference which was also held on Friday at Altitude Building, Kitty, Georgetown.

“TNM is not contesting Local Government Elections. Our resources right now and the timing is not ideal for us because right now we will be focusing on our seats and how we can use it to instigate quality, change and policies to help our following as much as we can,” Leader of the TNM, Dr Asha Kissoon revealed.

Similarly, ANUG Chairman, Dr Mark France told members of the media that his party would have had discussions on the topic of LGE since last November when they held their internal elections.

“It was the decision of the executive, following consultation of the members, that at this sitting we are unable to take part in Local Government Elections as a party,” he said.

According to Dr France, personnel resources and fundings are the main factors that contributed to the party’s decision.

“Small parties…don’t have steady fundings…and politics is expensive,” he said.

Nevertheless, he noted that ANUG has encouraged persons to submit their symbols as independent candidates.

“We have had a few independent candidates that would have submitted symbols. ANUG and the joinder list by extension, we are willing to support any independent candidate who is taking part in Local Government Elections,” he said.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall, has appointed June 12, 2023, as the date for LGE, which was last held in 2018.

The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has approved a total of 62 symbols from parties, groups and individuals, who have shown interest in participating in LGE.

In an interview with the News Room earlier this month, Commissioner at GECOM, Sase Gunraj said that everything is on track for the successful hosting of the elections in keeping with the commission’s work plan.

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