Girl, 12, with Guyanese roots publishes children’s book with lessons on loyalty and love


Channeling the moral values taught to her by her Guyanese parents, a 12-year-old author and illustrator has written a book about principles of life and goodness.

Sarah Ganesh recently embarked on her writing career, which she intends to someday use to highlight Guyana’s beauty.

But in the meantime, she is focused on her first published book titled “The Lost Dog and the Lone Wolf”, which follows the journey of a dog who gets lost from its family.

“I was inspired by my dog Shira. One day I was thinking what I would do if she got lost.

“Then I got the idea for this book because I thought it would make an interesting story; so then I started writing about it,” Sarah told the News Room during an interview on Wednesday.

“The book is about Shira, a dog who gets separated from her family.

Sarah Ganesh and her mother Elizabeth

“On the way she encounters many creatures, some friends, some foes, and eventually she meets a wolf who first seems like a foe but is actually a friend. She then reaches her goal, which is to find her family.”

She said the book has many lessons including loyalty, courage, perseverance, love and other lessons about moral goodness.

The young author and illustrator, who lives in Florida, started writing at 5-years-old and she was encouraged by her family to publish the piece which is now available on Amazon. One Thousand Trees, a children’s publishing company published the book last November.

Her mother, Elizabeth was raised in Vreed-en-Hoop, West Bank Demerara and moved to the United States of America a few years before Sarah was born. She said Sarah has always had notebooks for writing and drawing. She believes that the girl gets her inspiration for writing from her grandfather, a Guyanese pastor who also enjoyed writing.

“I’ve always known that Sarah has a talent for writing, I have note books upon note books of all of her stories and writing and her drawings.

“You could see the improvements every year as the years go by and she has gotten so good at it. I’m very proud of her and I thank God and I know that this is a blessing,” Elizabeth gushed about her daughter.

Sarah working on her artwork

It was a relative who recommended that Sarah contact a publisher. Sarah said illustrations used for the book were created by her.

She is currently working on her second book and said that she might consider doing a sequel for The Lost Dog and the Lone Wolf. Sarah is able to focus on her goals because she gets her schooling at her Florida home and this allows her time to write and follow her school syllabus without distractions.

But she said that she hopes to soon be able to visit her parents’ home country which she intends to base her third book on.

Sarah has never been to Guyana but her family intends to plan a trip home which will allow her and her younger sister, Victoria, to learn more about Guyana.

Already, Sarah has expressed interest in visiting the St George’s Cathedral and the Kaieteur Falls.


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  1. Collins allahar says

    wow that is so amazing continue working hard accomplish your goals Reach for the Stars great work

  2. Nathania says

    I’m from 21 and from Berbice. I’ve been writing songs since I was 9 but can’t afford to do them proffesionally as yet. There are many things our Guyanese pple here are capable of, its just the opportunities sometimes. I’m glad atleast she got her dream to reality early

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