Major disaster averted at Essequibo rice mill


The Guyana Fire Service is being recognised for its efficacy in averting a major disaster at the Imam Bacchus Rice mill on the Essequibo Coast last Thursday.

According to the company’s Communication Officer Imam Baksh, the mill was in the middle of intake operations for the busy harvest when the fire started just before noon in an electrical transformer.

The employee response crew immediately called the fire department and managed to douse the fire on the ground, but the fire within the transformer box continued.

“The fire service reach quick,” said one observer. “Within five minutes they come and set up and start work.”

The response was led by Divisional Officer A. Holder, Station Officer C. Springer, and the crews of Water Tenders #77 and #88.

According to Leading Fireman E. James, their first job was to contain the fire and then cut the electricity in cooperation with GPL. They then used their hoses to cool the transformer until they could open it up and put out the flames.

The management of Imam Bacchus & Sons has expressed their deep gratitude to the Fire Service for their professional and swift action.

According to CEO Aadil Baksh, tractor-trailers are constantly moving through the mill every day as farmers deliver the first crop of the year and a shutdown would have affected the livelihood of the workers and the farmers. He added that any significant loss would have been a catastrophe.

Imam Bacchus & Sons Ltd is a third-generation, family-owned business that manufactures the Imam brand rice and noodle products.


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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    My congratulations go out to the team of Imam Bacchus and Company for their input in averting a major fire at the industry which could have caused major loss of life as well as the livelihood of the employees of the company. You should all be accordingly rewarded fire such a selfless deed. I also congratulate the fire officials for putting systems in place at the correct time.

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