Berbice teen boy dies after brutally chopped


An 18-year-old succumbed hours after being chopped about his body on Easter Monday at No.77 Village, Upper Corentyne, Berbice.

Dead is Keon Byass of 48 Dukestown, Upper Corentyne, Berbice.

Bridger Byass, aunt of the dead teen, told the News Room that the incident stemmed from an old grievance her nephew had with two teenage brothers.

Detailing what took place, Byass said her nephew, who lived with her, left home around 08:30 hrs Monday to take a pair of jeans to the tailor at No.77 Village. She stated that it was while he was making his way back home that he was attacked by the two suspects who were reportedly armed with cutlasses.

“He ain’t take long. He just drop off the jeans and he coming back home and these two boys like they wait for he and they ambush he. He had nothing to defend himself,” the aunt said.

Byass said from what she was told, the suspects chopped him despite his attempt to run away and seek refuge. He sustained chop wounds to his back and under his left arm.

“They just run and start to chop him with cutlasses. He run a little way in the street trying to reach home and he fall down, he didn’t die. His brother pick him up and put him in a car and took him to the hospital,” she said.

The teenager was transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was admitted in an unconscious state. He died Tuesday morning at approximately 08:30 hrs.

The News Room understands that before he fell unconscious, the teenager managed to tell his brother who his attackers were.

“He call dem name, he tell he brother how dem chop he up again,” the aunt disclosed.

According to the grieving woman, her nephew was attacked by the suspects some two years ago when they chopped him and caused him to sustain an injury to his wrist that rendered him incapable of doing any hard work.

The suspects reportedly attacked him again a few months ago and he had tried defending himself. Both of the incidents were reported to the police, the aunt said, but the boys were never arrested. The woman believes that if the police had taken the previous incidents seriously and arrested the boys, her nephew would have been alive today.

“Everytime they (suspects) see him, they have a problem. It’s an old grievance from school, he use to live with his mother, and he came and live with us. The very first time they trouble him, he was already living with me and he said it was a school days thing. Since then he hand damage, he could never work back. His wrist was damaged…but like they were still waiting for him.”

He was described as a loving and helpful person.

Meanwhile, calls to the acting Regional Commander Kurleigh Simon to confirm whether the suspects have been arrested went unanswered.

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