Canje man’s ex-partner being questioned after house goes up in flames


The home of a 28-year-old sales assistant of Adelphi Village, East Canje Berbice was last night destroyed by fire.

Andre Phillips believes the fire was set by an individual he had an argument with last night.

Acting Regional Commander of Region 6, Kurleigh Simon, has confirmed that they are treating the fire as a case of arson and one person has since been arrested for questioning.

Phillips told News Room that he had an argument with his ex-partner last night and it resulted in her becoming hostile and broke the window panes on the house. During the argument, the woman bit Phillips on his chest and as a result, he decided to file a report at the Central Police Station. According to the man, when he arrived at the station, his ex was already there but he went ahead and filed the report.

On his way back home, he was notified by a cousin that his house was on fire. He disclosed that when he arrived at the scene, his entire home and everything he had worked hard to earn and build, had disintegrated into ashes.

“Everything that I worked for gone, it’s really hard right now…,” Philipps said.

Phillips who is estimating over $3M in losses is currently staying with his aunt and is still coming to grips with what he lost, noting that he is left with nothing but the clothes on his back.

He mentioned that based on information he received, persons in the area saw his ex-partner at the scene shortly before the fire.

An investigation is underway presently and the arson suspect is being questioned.

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