WE LIFT 3: Dr Persaud urges women in business to utilise online markets, WIIN mobile app


Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud, on Saturday urged businesswomen to utilise online markets and the mobile application of the Women’s Innovation and Investment Network (WIIN) in order to garner a greater customer base.

The minister was at the time speaking to the over 200 participants at the We Lift 3 exhibition. This year, the women empowerment exhibition is focused on getting more women involved in technology and as such, the minister advised them to use online platforms.

Specifically, the minister called on business owners to use the WIIN app that connects vendors with consumers in an easy and simple way. She has been advocating that women take advantage of the tools provided through technology and said that the ministry has partnered with Mobile Money Guyana (MMG), the electronic wallet app, to conduct transactions.

“A big part of good services is transparent, efficient, reliable delivery services,” Dr Persaud told the women.

Dr Persaud also announced that the ministry will soon have a digital newsletter called the Human Services Quarterly; this will allow persons to gain access to information about all the services the ministry provides.

Seleina’s Crafts and Things on display at We Lift 3(Photo: Department of Public Information)

In addition, the Imatter App also has a new digital interface designed by Maryam Bacchus. This new addition makes it easier for persons who are visually impaired or cannot read to use the service without complications.

At the event on Saturday, several businesswomen expressed satisfaction that the exhibition continues to serve as a motivating factor to keep their business alive.

Kezyah Bhola, a representative of ‘From Scratch,’ said she and her team help to promote other women by providing a service that helps them and prepares them for events like the expo.

“It’s really difficult for small businesses to set up for expos like this one, so what we do is that we build displays for them,” Bhola said.

Kim Manbodh, the owner of Kim’s Cosmed spa, traveled from Linden to attend the expo for the second time. She said the exposure greatly boosted her business.

“This year is much better and I am more prepared.

“It’s a good initiative, it helps us as business persons to come out and promote ourselves,” she said.

Persons who attened We Lift 3 at the Movietowne tarmac (Photo: Department of Public Information)

Seleina Fung, the owner of Seleina’s Crafts and Things, is a regular participant of the expo; she said, “It’s very good…you get to meet a lot more customers and the same customers come back to you eventually.”

Leeana Seeram-Nauth, a first-time participant, said her business, Savoury Delights, focuses on the Guyanese culture.

“It is part of Indian and Guyanese culture.

“We put them together and we have sweet and savoury meals. If you taste our stuff, it tastes the same way every time because we don’t compromise the ingredients,” Seeram-Nauth said.

Emily Sukhu, who represented Natasha’s Gift Centre, said that the allows women in business to gather and support each other.

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