New water wells for Silver Hill and Kairuni; pump at Yarrowkabra being upgraded


Some 3, 5000 residents along the Soesdyke-Linden highway will soon benefit from improved access to water thanks to projects Kairuni, Silver Hill and at Yarrowkabra.

At Kairuni, GWI has reported that work on a well has been completed and will soon serve the community of about 500 residents. The well will provide high-pressure potable water once the installation of a pump and other fittings is completed.

During an inspection, the GWI’s Chief Executive Officer Shaik Baksh expressed satisfaction with the work done by the contractor and other workers.

The newly acquired PAT rig at work to drill a new well at Silver Hill, Soesdyke-Linden Highway. (GWI photo)

At Silver Hill, the water company has commenced drilling a new well in response to a call from residents for a reliable and easy-to-access water source after the previous well collapsed. The new well, being drilled by a GWI team using the company’s newly commissioned PAT rig at a cost of approximately $4 million, will be connected to the old distribution network in the community.

In a statement, GWI said it intends to extend the network as the population of Silver Hill is expected to grow significantly in the next few years due to housing expansion.

Water gushes out of the well at Kairuni. (GWI photo)

In Yarrowkabra, GWI is looking to upgrade the pump at the well station to improve water pressure for the approximately 2,500 residents of the community. Yarrowkabra is a growing community, and GWI recently installed distribution mains in two streets to connect unserved customers to the network.

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