Sebert Blake becomes Guyana’s first IBA Certified Cut Technician


Guyana’s Three-star trainer, Sebert Blake, was officially presented with his IBA Cutman Technician Certification on Friday following the successful completion of the programme, confirming his status as the only Guyanese with such a distinguished accreditation.

Blake, who is part of a cadre of three-star coaches in the Caribbean, is the first-ever Guyanese to partake, in and successfully complete the programme, which transpired at the Women’s World Championship in New Delhi, India from March 15-31.

Blake scored in the 90th percentile to finish amongst the highest successful candidates.

President of the Guyana Boxing Association Steve Ninvalle said, “This is another tangible achievement, representation, and overall testament of human development by the GBA in its technical officers. Coach Blake is already in an exulted company as one of a minute cadre of three stars coaches in the Caribbean and now adds to his developing portfolio by becoming the first Guyanese to secure such a prestigious certification.”

He further said, “2023 has been earmarked as a year for progressive development and the GBA will continue in this evolutionary route.

The discipline but more specifically the boxers and the coaches will be provided with the avenues and tools to enhance and hone their individual faculties.

In particular, the formation of an assembly line of competent technical officers is a major objective of the association, with Coach Blake simply serving as the start or template of such a procedure.”

GBA Technical Director Terrence Poole will be the second Guyanese to participate in the significant programme which will be conducted at the Men’s World Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan from May 1st-4th.

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