Suriname riot: Two dead, Police station destroyed in indigenous village


Two persons were killed during an uprising in the Pikin Saron indigenous community in neighbouring Suriname early on Tuesday while the local police station was destroyed by fire.

A mixed unit consisting of police officers and military was sent to the area to restore order and peace, Surinamese Police said in a statement. The reason for the uprising is not clear as yet.

Several trucks transporting lumber were set ablaze in the village in the Para District in Suriname. Two police officers were also injured during an exchange of gunfire with the rioters.

The local Police have given no motive for the riot.

Acting police chief Ruben Kensen confirmed to the local press that two people were killed in the uprising in Pikin Saron.  The identities of the fatalities are not yet known. Meanwhile, several employees of the state-owned Grassalco company who were taken hostage by the rioters have been freed by the police.
The wounded officers were transported under police escort to the Academic Hospital in Paramaribo.

The Police are also warning persons to avoid the community during this time.
The Surinamese government has since called an emergency meeting following the uprising.

(Reporting by Jason Pinas in Suriname)

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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    My sympathy goes out to the Prime Minister and the people of Suriname for the unrest that is occurring in Suriname. I do hope that there would be some stability in the country and that things would return to normalcy.

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