Woman seen jumping from city guest house claims innocence after partner drops dead


Kenesha Thomas, the woman who became the center of attention after jumping from the city guest house where her partner dropped dead, has claimed she is innocent of any wrongdoing.

On Friday, 49-year-old Omar Ally was discovered dead in the Quamina guest house on Quamina Street, Georgetown. Thomas said she shared a relationship with Ally for years and it was after having sex that Ally collapsed and, becoming scared, she jumped from the room window.

“Me and this man had a relationship a while ago – about four years…..I am innocent. I go into the hotel voluntary with this man why we had to fight. We never had an argument. We never had a fight,” Thomas told HGPTV Nightly News in in an interview on Tuesday.

As a matter of fact, Thomas said she is awaiting the autopsy result so she can surrender to the police.

“…The rumours that y’all hearing is nothing truth…When they do the autopsy I am going to turn in with a lawyer because I am innocent.

“I was hearing all sort of story. I was hearing that they find the man with a knife in he heart. I was hearing that I carry gun man to beat and rob this man,” she said.

“…I am innocent and I know I haven’t done anything to him so I am turning myself into the Police,” Thomas added.

The naked body of Ally, a resident of ‘B’ Field Pattensen, Greater Georgetown was discovered in the toilet area of the room.

Police Headquarters had reported that Ally checked into the hotel with a “female”, now identified as Thomas, on Friday, April 28, at around 14:00hrs.

The receptionist told investigators that at about 14:15 hrs, Thomas rushed out of the room and told her that Ally had fallen and hit his head on the tile by the toilet area.

As such, she accompanied the identifiable person to the room, where she checked the toilet area and saw Ally lying naked on the floor with blood oozing behind his head.

In providing her account of what transpired, Thomas said in the interview that she and Ally would frequent the hotel.

“We normally use the same hotel, Quamina Guest house. Sometimes he would pick me up. Most times he would call me to reach him there but on Friday when we went into the Guest House the receptionist told me I could go to 104,” she said.

Upon their arrival there on Friday, she explained that Thomas purchased some alcohol beverage after which he met her in the room.

There, Thomas said they had a conversation and Ally reportedly told her that he was sick and was experiencing some issues at home.

“Whilst sitting on the bed he start gaffing with me and he was telling me he was sick couple days now. He told me that he had acid reflux. He told me he went at Best Hospital…He had to spend a lot of money and we was gaffing and he seh home is nuff stress and that how he ain’t going through nothing nice,” Thomas explained.

According to Thomas, she and Ally had sexual intercourse after which she went to shower.

“While bathing he was waiting right at the bathroom door and all I hear I baddap. When I look around I see he lying on the toilet bowl panting fah breath. So I run out the bathroom, wrap the towel and I went to the receptionist and I seh come quick he fall down. She seh ‘who fall down?’ I seh the person I came in here with,” Thomas explained in the interview.

She said she rushed to get the receptionist and after she was informed that the Police had to be summoned, out of fear, she escaped.

“When we go in she (receptionist) turn to me and seh she got to call the Police and the ambulance. I seh no don’t do dah I can’t stay hay, duh is me neighbour husband and I start panic and I went on to put on my pants and my bra and I pick up my top and my phone and I jump down the building and I ran away,” Thomas said.

“I didn’t want to wait for him family to come and see me that’s why I run away,” she added.

Thomas further said she was unsure if Ally’s family knows about their relationship.

“Nobody know that me and this man had a relationship…One time he come and tell me we got to careful wah we doing cause somebody tell duh girl (Ally wife) they see I give you money,” she said.

Describing the incident as a “sad” situation, Thomas expressed her sympathy to Ally’s family.

“My deepest sympathy goes out to the Ally family. This is something I am not happy about. I am sorry how it happen and the circumstances,” she said.

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