105 patients to benefit from $600,000 dialysis assistance


Over the next few days, 105 hemodialysis patients will receive cheques valued at $600,000 each to help subsidise their treatment expenses, as the government rolls out the third payout of the dialysis treatment initiative for 2023. Of the 105 beneficiaries, 51 are new patients.

The third payout exercise of $63 million commenced on Wednesday at the Ministry of Health, Brickdam, Georgetown. The first payout for this year was executed in February when eighty-four (84) patients benefited while the second was done in April  when 62 persons benefitted.

The administration has allocated $863 million in Budget 2023 to support those in need of dialysis.

During this Wednesday’s exercise, Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony spent time interacting with some of the beneficiaries and gave words of support to persons suffering from kidney failure who require dialysis.

Antonio Lall, a dialysis patient receives his cheque from Dr Anthony, Minister of Health this morning at the Ministry of
Health’s headquarters on Brickdam. (Photo: Ministry of Health/May 3, 2023)

While appealing to the general public to get registered if they require dialysis support, the Minister indicated that the process is very simple but requires verification and assessment of the patient’s condition at the Nephrology Department at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

“Once the doctor determines you have end-stage renal failure, he issues a letter to that effect which is verified by our physicians at the GPHC. A request is then prepared and the necessary documentation is prepared and presented to the Ministry of Health to get to process started”, Dr Anthony explained.

The Health Minister further highlighted that through close collaboration with private sector agencies, dialysis services have been expanded to Regions Two, Three, Four and Ten compared to previous years where patients requiring dialysis were forced to travel to the city to seek care and treatment.

One patient, 42-year-old Antonio Lall, has been on dialysis for two years. He said it has not been easy given the high cost of treatment.

“I would like to thank the Government of Guyana for providing this assistance to the dialysis patients, it’s a great help,” Lall said.

Another dialysis patient, Jane Chichester, 70, who is a second-time beneficiary, credited the kind gesture from the government for their continued annual subvention.

“Thank you to the Government of Guyana for providing this service, it’s a great help, and I’m very glad for the assistance. This is my second time receiving the grant,” she said.

For the year 2022, some 327 patients benefited from the annual $600,000 payout. Persons requiring support for dialysis treatment can contact the Ministry’s Medical Treatment Department on 225 0113 for more information on how they can receive financial assistance.

 (Ministry of Health Press Release)


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