Aishalton girl, 12, found dead with several broken bones

…17-year-old uncle arrested


Amanda Smith, a 12-year-old girl of Aishalton, Region Nine (Upper Takutu- Upper Essequibo), was found dead in her yard on April 22.

The girl’s death was confirmed by her father Hezron Smith on Friday.

He told the News Room that Amanda and four siblings were left at home briefly on the night of April 22. It is alleged that one of Amanda’s two brothers went to the washroom and realised that she was not around.

As such, he went looking for her and eventually found her in the yard, lying motionless on her back.

Later, the family discovered that Amanda’s uncle, a 17-year-old boy, was at the house that night; the uncle lives about 100 metres away from the Smiths.

It is not clear what exactly transpired but it is believed that the uncle was involved in harming the girl. He, however, admitted to taking her body outside the yard and fleeing the scene after, the child’s father told the News Room.

The uncle was apprehended on Tuesday and remains in Police custody at the Lethem Police Station.

An autopsy was conducted on the girl’s body on Tuesday and it was discovered that she had several broken bones in her chest area, neck, jaw, face and skull.

The Police Force has not issued an official report on the death.

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