Celebrating our heritage and saluting our ancestors’ contributions and struggles

--Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha


See below full statement from the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha:

Our ancestors survived an arduous journey arriving on the shores of British Guiana as indentured immigrants filled with purpose and determined to make better life. 185 years later, we honor them for their sterling and diverse contributions to Guyana, creating footprints in every sphere of life.

Their courage was manifest as they endured the callous and inhumane harsh conditions of plantation life and collectively resisted colonialism and injustice. Many unsung and famous heroes will be remembered infinitely for their tireless struggles for peace, rights and better conditions for workers. As a people we can learn from their courage, unity against undemocratic practices and colonialism, consistent and ceaseless work to develop their communities and their respect and love for each other that endured beyond the indentureship time and biological ties.

Our country has benefited tremendously from their invaluable contributions in myriad ways, their industriousness in the agricultural sector in the earliest years and thereafter have been impactful and benefited Guyana’s economy for decades.

We recognize the remarkable foundation they laid for their descendants and all Guyanese to build on. We are grateful for their dedication in preserving a rich culture filled with beautiful traditions creating a heritage that contributes to Guyana’s profusion of festivals, cultural practices, national cuisine and everyday life.

Today we are tireless preservers of our heritage and proud Guyanese in our land which they made their homeland working together every day to develop and build our country.

Our country is a beautiful kaleidoscope of rich and diverse cultures, faiths and traditions in all spheres shaped by our history and our ancestors’ indefatigable spirit, courage and determination.

We are fortunate as a country to enjoy the diversity of the peoples who came and to be able to look back with pride on all their contributions and to have a legacy that is uniquely beautiful and varied. We have enjoyed peaceful and religious harmony and we must always use this to bridge all other barriers that may exist, remembering our ancestors’ collective struggles in those early days of our country’s history.

As we celebrate the 185th Arrival Day, we pay tribute to the indefatigable and indomitable spirit of the Indian indentured Immigrants who came on the 5th of May 1838 and also to all those who came through the indentureship system.

As descendants of those who came as indentured immigrants, we have much to be proud of and to be grateful for. Indentureship opened a new chapter for Guyana, unfolding the brilliant Indian culture, which was maintained, sustained and practiced. The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha has been integral in the promotion and sustenance of numerous facets of that glorious culture. Over, the years, our annual arrival celebrations have reflected on the traditions of the past while celebrating our achievements.

We invite you to join us for Sanskriti, a celebration of our culture, our heritage, our traditions, today , May 5th at 4:00pm at the Indian arrival Monument, Palmyra Berbice to enjoy a beautiful cultural program featuring songs, dance and drama by the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha’s Dharmic Nritya Sangh, Praants and artistes, the Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre, other groups, exhibition and hot traditional meals on the spot.

The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha’s West Coast Demerara Praant takes great pleasure in inviting you and your family to join them on the  6th May, at 6:00pm at the Oceanview Mandir Compound, WCD for a grand Arrival Day celebration featuring beautiful performances.

Admission is free and no alcohol is allowed.

Happy Arrival Day!

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