‘Guyanese must honour foreparents by remaining committed to safety & prosperity’ – PPP/C in Arrival Day message


See below full message from the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C):

Arrival Day reminds us of the rich history of strength, determination, and innovative spirit brought by  the Portuguese, East Indians, and Chinese, and others who were brought to these shores as  indentured labourers. It reminds us of the sacrifices and immeasurable contributions made by them  to develop our individual communities and our country and emphasizes for us the duty we have to  build a better country for our children.  

As we commemorate this day, all Guyanese, here and abroad are urged to reflect on the grueling,  inhumane journeys undergone to arrive here, the harsh living conditions withstood in the early days,  and the successful efforts made, in spite of that, to thrive and develop their families and communities.  

Their determined efforts have led to the creation of this multi-cultural and multi-religious society of  ours in which there is immense pride in our diversity. We have been imbued with values of  perseverance, sacrifice, brotherhood, and respect for one another as we share and participate in the  various festivals that have come to identify us as a people.  

Inspired by the sacrifices and achievements of our ancestors, the Guyanese people are determined to  build upon the gains that have been made to: ensure our country remains a place for all of its sons  and daughters; safeguard our hard-won freedoms; ensure that peace is not compromised; and to  ensure that the safety of our people is paramount. Recognizing the value of the gains that we have  made, we must reject those views which will dishonour these inherited values and we must continue  to work together as one people to further advance the development of our nation for the betterment  of all Guyanese. 

The sacrifices made by the Indigenous people, those who were brought to our shores as indentured  labourers and those who were brought forcibly as slaves, have brought us to a place in 2023 where  our country today is recognized as the country in our region with the most robust social and economic  development trajectory. As we celebrate the successes and achievements of our people, we honour  our foreparents by our united commitment to ensure a country where all families can live and thrive  in safety and prosperity.  

Happy Arrival Day to All! 

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