With unopposed list of candidates, no voting in 13 Local Authority Areas – GECOM


The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on Friday announced that persons in 13 Local Authority Areas (LAAs) do not need to vote in the Local Government Elections on June 12 since there is only one approved list of candidates there.

The 13 areas where there will be no voting, according to GECOM’s website, are: Leguan, Canals Polder, La Jalousie/ Nouvelle Flanders, Herstelling/ Little Diamond, Bath/ Woodley Park. Bloomfield/ Whim. No. 64/ No. 74, Kintyre/ No. 37 Borlam, Ordinance/ Fort Lands No. 38, Kilcoy/ Hampshire, Port Mourant/ Johns, the municipality of Lethem, and Aranaputa/ Upper Burro Burro.

A snippet of the LAAs where there will be no voting from GECOM’s website

GECOM did not say which party or independent candidate(s) is the sole contestant in these LAAs. Vice President and General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo said, however, that his party is contesting in all LAAs across the country.

See below the full release issued by GECOM:

Section 54 of the Local Authorities (Elections) Act provides that if only one List of Candidates for any Local Authority Area (LAA) has been approved, the persons whose names appear on the List shall be deemed to have been elected as Councillors due to the approved List being unopposed and therefore, the Candidates in the unopposed List shall be declared the winner of the election.

In this regard, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) takes this opportunity to inform all Stakeholders, that there are thirteen (13) LAAs with a combined total of ninety-eight (98) Constituencies, and one hundred and ninety-three (193) additional Constituencies from among other LAAs in which there will be no need for eligible persons to vote due to the existence of unopposed Lists.

The existence of an unopposed List of Candidates for a LAA/Constituency effectively means that there is no need for the electors to vote. Accordingly, there is no need for the establishment of Polling Stations in such LAAs/Constituencies.

Recognizing that voters may not be aware of whether the LAA/Constituency in which they are registered to vote would have been affected by an unopposed List, GECOM has posted the separate lists of the affected LAAs and Constituencies on its website i.e. www.gecom.org.gy so that eligible persons can check to ascertain whether elections would be held in their areas of residence. Alternatively, person may visit the Office of the Returning Officer for the Municipality or Neighbourhood Democratic Council, in which they reside, to find out whether voting will take place therein.

Moreover, GECOM, as a component of its Civic and Voter Education strategy, will make public announcement and distribute appropriate literature in all of the affected LAAs/Constituencies towards ensuring that the relevant voters are made aware of why they are not required to vote at the Monday, June 12, 2023 Local Government Elections.

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