Essequibo man dies after struck down by speeding ambulance driver


A man was killed Sunday night after he was struck down by an ambulance driver on the Adventure Public Road, Essequibo Coast.

Police headquarters reported that the ambulance driver, who was at the time driving a private motor car (PSS 150) was speeding along the road when he struck down and killed Budhidra Koosiall, 52, of Adventure Village, Essequibo Coast.

The driver has been identified as Aubery Lennox Tyrell,  41, of Lima Sands,  Essequibo Coast.

Tyrell told Police that he did see Koosiall and he tried to avoid a collision, “but despite his efforts, the right front-side portion of the car connected with the pedestrian, which caused him to fall on the front windscreen and then onto the road surface.”

Koosiall was picked up in an unconscious condition by the driver and other public-spirited citizens and was transported to the Suddie Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The driver was arrested and is in custody, assisting with the investigation.

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