As rainy season approaches, Mustapha pushing for drainage works in neglected G/town areas


South Georgetown areas are usually flood-prone during the May/June rainy season. As such, Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapa said much-needed drainage works will be executed at the earliest.

The Agriculture Minister led a walkabout in East and West Ruimveldt on Monday afternoon. There, he announced that critical drainage works will be executed within two weeks’ time.

He said residents will be engaged and will be tasked with cleaning some of the smaller drains manually. Where mechanical works are needed, the Ministry’s machines will be used.

“These areas are very vulnerable to flooding… and this will be a continuous process where we will engage the residents to help maintain the drainage systems and they will be remunerated for their labour,” Mustapha told reporters.

Critical drainage works will be executed within two weeks’ time Photo: Ministry of Agriculture/May 8, 2023)

Though promising interventions, the Minister lamented the dearth of drainage works done especially in preparation for the rainy season.

“It seems that the City Council has not been doing any work whatsoever in these areas,” Mustapha said.

He added, “Interlocking drains have been neglected for a number of years. That is why when you look at the sluices and the pumps, they are clogged.”

Flooding in South Georgetown has been a huge concern.

Last year, President Dr. Irfaan Ali promised residents that this woe would be addressed.


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