Father in distress as mother reportedly absconds with three young children


Though it has only been a day since Christopher Scotland has not seen his three children, ages 3, 5 and 7, he fears one day may turn into weeks and months.

Reports indicate that the mother of his children left their Planters Hall, East Coast Demerara home early on Wednesday, fleeing the relationship, but did not communicate her whereabouts.

Scotland’s sister, Diana Mcgarrell, told the News Room that the woman left with the three young children and all their personal belongings in a heavily tinted vehicle around 07:30 hrs.

She cannot be reached by phone, a situation that has increased worry and concern among Christopher and his family.

Their only plea is for the return of the children so that they can be afforded proper schooling but even their mother is welcome to return, Diana said.

“Everybody was good up to last night. They came by us [at Cottage], we eat and drink last night. Mom took them home as a family,” Diana related.

While two of the children attend school, the sister said they left dressed in plain clothes.

The family suspects the woman may have followed through on previous threats to leave the relationship and go live with a relative in Mahdia, Region Eight.

This relative has reportedly claimed that the woman and children are not with her. She, however, told the family that she was instructed by the woman during a telephone call on Wednesday to tell Christopher, “don’t worry about she, she deh good where she deh.”

But why would the woman leave?

Diana said there were “normal misunderstandings” from time to time.

“She said he quarrelling with her a lot… is not like he does beat she,” Diana told the News Room.

The woman’s action has left the family in turmoil.

“We just need the kids to come home back. My brother needs his kids. She welcome to come back too,” Diana pleaded.

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