MOPW exploring measures to improve Kwebanna roadway


Efforts are underway by the Ministry of Public Works (MOPW) to fix the deteriorating roadway in the Region One community of Kwebanna.

In a press release on Thursday, the ministry said that both short and long-term measures are being explored following recent concerns that were highlighted regarding the deteriorating condition of the road.

Last year a $38.9 million contract was signed between the ministry and the Renaissance Enterprise Inc. to facilitate rehabilitation.

The preparatory work is underway and according to the Ministry, the current state of the road is due to the inclement weather affecting the work that has started.

“We wish to highlight that our engineers have confirmed with the Toshao that this situation is not representative of the general condition of the corridor and is primarily a consequence of ongoing roadworks being afflicted by inclement changes in the weather.

Torrential downpours within the area have led to materials placed on the road becoming slushy, which would have led to a degraded surface, and once traversed vehicles stood that chance of being stuck,” the release stated.

The ministry assured that a team is currently exploring measures to improve the condition of the roadway as it intends to develop a long-term comprehensive maintenance plan for the roadway.

It further stated that the efforts are being made to ensure that residents and persons who traverse the roadways are safe and comfortable using the roads there.

“The Ministry appreciates the patience and understanding of the community during this time and urges all drivers to exercise caution while driving on unsurfaced roadways that may have been impacted by the recent inclement weather conditions,” the release added.

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