Police to commence enforcement of regulations governing electric bikes


With the recent passage of amendments to the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Bill, the Guyana Police Force will soon begin to enforce the regulations governing electric cycles also known as E-bikes.

“The Force is now looking at the implication of the legislation…We will roll out all the enforcement methods that are available to us, similar to what happens with the motorcycles,” Deputy Commissioner of ‘Admin’ (ag) Calvin Brutus, told reporters at the sidelines of an event on Friday.

But before this is done, Brutus explained that a seminar will be held with officers of the traffic department and patrol ranks.

The Police will also engage the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to ensure the necessary arrangements are in place, he said.

Deputy Commissioner of ‘Admin’ (ag) Calvin Brutus

“Now it’s a matter of implementing and making sure that all the regulations are in place but we will first have to work in partnership with GRA to make sure that aspect is first is place before out enforcement operations commence,” Brutus said.

Under the new regulations, users of electric cycles are obligated to follow the same rules as motorcyclists when using the roadways and are required to have the relevant documents, among them a valid registration.

The amendments to the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Bill, which was piloted by Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn were passed in the National Assembly on Wednesday.

According to the explanatory memorandum, the purpose of the Bill is to amend Section 2 to regulate the use of electric cycles. Clause 2 of the Bill amends Section 2 of the principal act by inserting into the Act a definition of “electric cycle”.

An electric cycle is defined to be any motorcycle that has an electric motor and is fitted with an effective stopping system controlled by the use of brakes, gears, or motor control.

Collectively, the amendments will bring electric cycles under the same legislative regime as motorcycles.

This means that provisions of the Principal Act, and any subsidiary legislation made under that Act governing the registration and use of motorcycles, will now be applicable to electric cycles.

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