Man, 22, beaten at Bushlot residence over old grievance


A 22-year-old man from Bushlot Village, Corentyne Berbice, who was attacked and beaten by five persons on Sunday last, says he was targeted because of an incident involving one of the attackers back in 2019.

Navin Ramphal, during an interview with the News Room, said that on May 7, he was at a shop when the man saw him and approached him. He did not engage the man and after leaving, the man followed him to his Bushlot residence.

According to Ramphal, four other persons also showed up at his house and the five men ambushed him in his yard. He was chopped several times and had to get several stiches about his body.

“Five men come out the car and beat me…my mother had to take me to the hospital,” the man said.

His aunt, Navita Sookoo said that in 2019, one of the attackers and her nephew were at a rum shop when the attacker asked him to buy a beer.

It is alleged that after Ramphal refused, the man, accompanied by others, robbed him. The matter was reported and later taken to the court. She added that the Magistrate found the man to be guilty. Ramphal did not have contact with the man after that.

On the day of the most recent incident, however, the man allegedly threatened Ramphal before the assault. Sookoo said the man first told Ramphal that the story isn’t over and that he would break Ramphal’s hands and feet.

This matter was reported to the Whim Police Station and later at the New Amsterdam Police Station but the family claims that the Police have refused to take action.


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