Streaming platform FL Sport now ‘powered’ by General Marine


The pioneers of live streaming of sport in Guyana, FL Sport has received a power generator from General Marine to assist with power woes, especially in remote areas.

Live streaming depends on bandwidth while the equipment needs electrical power to create the final output. Since the start of 2022, FL Sport has traversed the coastline of Guyana to offer live streaming services at various events, but was hampered with fluctuating power.

In some cases, critical aspects of the event were missed which defeated the purpose of having video evidence.

After a trip to Region Five, Executive Producer of FL Sport, John Ramsingh shared the experiences with Managing Director of General Marine, Rahaman Khan and immediately they came up with a solution.

“FL Sport has made streaming very popular and now there is a demand, but without power we have no show. That is why we are jumping on board to play our part to ensure continued coverage,” said Chief Operating Officer of General Marine Anthony Khan while handing over the Elite brand generator set.

The younger Khan, who is also a former national youth cricketer, remarked that the Elite brand is very popular and will sufficiently handle the load associated with live streaming wherever team FL Sport goes.

Khan also said that General Marine is also committed to offering servicing for free for the lifetime of the machine, which is the norm for the company with every customer and for every product.

Upon receiving the timely donation, Ramsingh conveyed his gratitude on behalf of team FL Sport and further stated, “That after persons secure the services of FL Sport, there is a level of expectation. To deliver that expectation, FL Sport cannot afford to have drop outs of either bandwidth, electricity, equipment or manpower so we are covering all bases. That is why this tool [generator] is so important. We feel empowered to continue to serve our stakeholders.”

Live streaming took off in a significant way during the height of the recent COVID-19 pandemic where persons adapted to social distancing and virtual interactions.

It was around the same time that a demand for streaming live sport also became popular, which forced Ramsingh to expand the services to beyond the cricket field.

In the second half of 2022 and so far this year, FL Sport has covered in excess of 50 events, including cricket (hardball and softball), swimming, football, field hockey, press conferences, launch ceremonies, prize giving ceremonies and crossfit games.

“We are open to any event which we pledge to execute in the most professional way. We take bookings on a first come, first serve basis and recently we even juggled multiple events on the same day so reach out to us and let’s give our athletes the recognition they deserve,” the international cricket broadcaster said.

Rahaman Khan and Ramsingh are executive members of the Everest Cricket Club (ECC) where the handing over took place.

They both reckoned that ECC is an ideal hub for live streaming because of the layout and infrastructure, including internet and electricity. Khan said he is willing to provide further assistance as the demand grows for FL Sport.

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