Three feared drowned in Cuyuni River mishap


Three persons, including a 60-year-old labourer, are missing after the boat in which they were in collided with another in the Cuyuni River on Monday morning.

One of the missing men has been identified as Lloyd Obermuller of Crane Housing Scheme, West Coast Demerara, and Eteringbang Landing. He was the captain of one of the boats- a 19 feet wooden boat powered by a 75Hp Yamaha outboard engine.

The two other missing persons were passengers of Obermuller’s boat. Their identities are unknown at this time.

Police Headquarters reported that the incident occurred between 03:47hrs and 04:30hrs.

The other boat that was involved in the mishap is a 17 feet wooden boat powered by a 40Hp Yamaha outboard engine. It was operated by Crees Boyde, a miner.

Reports are that Obermuller and Boyde would normally transport persons from Eteringbang Landing to San Martin Landing, Venezuela.

According to the police, enquiries revealed that on Monday morning, Obermuller was enroute to San Martin with two passengers.

Around the same time, Boyde had left San Martin, Venezuela, en route to Eteringbang Landing.

“As they were both navigating across the river, the two boats collided, causing the passengers as well as Obermuller and Boyde to be flung into the river,” Police said.

Boyde was pulled out of the river by public spirited persons. He suffered severe injuries to his right leg and minor injuries to his hands and was taken to Venezuela for medical attention.

According to the Police, a search was carried out, but Obermuller nor his passengers were found.

A search is currently underway for the missing persons.

As the investigation continues, the boats as well as the engines have been lodged at the Eteringbang Police Station.

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