Lakers vs Nuggets: Western Conference Finals Analysis and Prediction


By Azizi Christiani

The Western Conference Finals will feature a highly anticipated rematch between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets.

In their previous encounter in the 2020 bubble, the Lakers emerged victorious in five games.

However, the Nuggets, led by the exceptional Nikola Jokić, have evolved since then and are determined to secure their first-ever franchise appearance in the NBA Finals.

Let’s delve into the analysis of both teams and make a prediction for this exciting series.

Lakers’ Defensive Challenge

The Lakers’ victory in the previous series against the Nuggets was partially attributed to their strong defense, limiting Denver to an average of 109.2 points per game.

To replicate their success, the Lakers will heavily rely on Anthony Davis, their elite defender, to disrupt Jokić’s offensive prowess.

Davis’ ability to alter shots and guard multiple positions will be crucial in containing Jokić’s scoring and playmaking abilities.

Jokić’s Ascendancy

Nikola Jokić has elevated his game since their previous meeting. As a two-time MVP and arguably the best player in the league, he poses a significant challenge for the Lakers.

Jokić’s versatility, scoring from anywhere on the court, and his ability to facilitate dazzling assists make him a force to be reckoned with.

The Lakers’ defense must maintain consistent pressure to limit his impact and prevent him from dictating the game.

Supporting Cast and Role Players

While LeBron James remains an influential figure, Anthony Davis has emerged as the Lakers’ primary star player with his defensive prowess and offensive capabilities.

However, the series may ultimately be decided by the performance of the supporting cast and role players.

Players like Austin Reaves, Dennis Schröder, and D’Angelo Russell must step up and contribute significantly to counter Jokić’s dominance.

Their ability to provide scoring, defensive intensity, and overall consistency will be crucial for the Lakers’ success.

Though Lakers’ coach Darvon Ham has not turned to Tristan Thompson much in the previous two series, his size and rebounding capabilities may come in useful as support to Davis.

Nuggets’ Starting Five and Bench

The Nuggets possess a formidable starting line-up, combining size, scoring ability, experience, continuity and talent. Alongside Jokić, Jamal Murray, Aaron Gordon, Michael Porter Jr., and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope create a well-rounded unit capable of challenging any opponent.

However, the performance of the bench players, including Jeff Green, Bruce Brown Jr., and Christian Braun will be pivotal in maintaining a competitive edge.

Denver’s success will heavily depend on sustaining their performance level when the starters rest.


Both teams possess hungry rosters and former MVPs, ensuring a closely contested series.

However, the Lakers hold the edge due to their previous success against the Nuggets and their seasoned playoff experience.

LeBron James’ leadership and familiarity with high-stakes situations make the Lakers the favorites in this match-up.

Therefore, it is predicted that the Lakers will emerge victorious in six games, securing their spot in the NBA Finals.

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