Shopkeeper attacked, stabbed in Region 7


A 41-year-old shopkeeper was brutally stabbed and left to die last Sunday after he was allegedly attacked by a man, suspected to be a Venezuelan national.

Reports are that Remington Peters of Batavia Village, Cuyuni River was stabbed three times, including to his chest.

The incident occurred around 21:00 hrs on May 14 at Devil Hole Island, Cuyuni River.

A relative, who did not want to be named, told the News Room that Peters was imbibing earlier in the day and had a misunderstanding with a group of men.

One of the suspects later returned and stabbed Peters.

“He was drunk and troubling people. He and another guy had a scuffle during the day and I think they had a little misunderstanding with one of the Spanish man but I don’t know if it’s the exact one that do this to him,” the relative said.

“He was kind of bad (behaving) and apparently they went back the night to him…According to the information we receive is that they come to kill him and they thought that he was dead that’s why they left him,” he added.

The relative said no one was around when the incident occurred.

A section of the Devil Hole Island, Cuyuni River area where the stabbing occurred.

As such, he said Peters made his way to his shop and it was until midnight that he was discovered bleeding profusely by some friends.

The friends, the relative said, placed Peters in a boat to transport him to Aurora for medical attention but they were unable to locate a captain.

“They put him in a boat and leave him there until the morning (Monday). When the guys (captains) wake up they see him in the boat and they took him to Aurora,” the relative noted.

Peters was treated but due to his critical condition, he was air-dashed to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

“Up to this morning we made contact with him (Peters)….He still getting bleeding and up to last night he vomit blood,” the relative said.

Peters’ condition is said to be stable.  According to the relative, the matter was not reported to the Police as yet.

“…Most of the attention is on him presently, for him to recover,” the relative said.

The relative further noted that incidents of this nature occur often in the Region and go unsolved.

“We asking if the authorities could look into this because these men right now we don’t know who [they are] …These men could do anything and they just jump in a boat and gone back to Venezuela. We don’t know them. We don’t know who they are,” the relative explained.

“This thing getting overbearing up there,” he said.

The relative believes that the suspect may have already fled the jurisdiction.

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