‘Much more than a condiment’ – DeSinco introduces all-purpose Swiss Mambo Sauce to Guyana


By Kurt Campbell



Thirty years in the distributing business, first as DeSinco Trading and now DeSinco Limited, the Guyanese founded company has long been supplying the Swiss brand of products to the local market.

Guyanese are no doubt lovers of Swiss ketchup, but there is a new breakthrough and a must try pottage to hit the shelves of local supermarkets – the Mambo Sauce.

This sweet and spicy sauce, made with a hint of tamarind, is being marketed as the perfect wingman for any dish.

At a product launch on Saturday, Brand Manager, Shannon Savory had no difficulty explaining why the new product is different from the hundreds of condiments that already line supermarket shelves.

“The answer is that Mambo Sauce is so much more than a condiment, it stands apart from anything else on the market in its combination of unique flavours, and its variety of uses.

“Mambo is so much more than a dipping sauce, yes it is perfect for dipping your fried plantain or that perfectly crispy chicken wing but it adds that x-factor that takes your dish to the next level whether you’re grilling, marinating, stewing, seasoning or glazing,” she said.

Mambo was inspired by a popular Washington D.C sauce but Swiss has taken that inspiration and added its own distinctly West Indian flavours, combining a unique blend of the ingredients that we know and love.

Brand Manager Shannon Savory and Chief Executive Officer at DeSinco Ltd, Alicia De Abreau

“Today is a very exciting day, it is the final step in a long journey of trial and error, stops and starts, breakthroughs and setbacks. The dedicated work of a range of individuals from the developers to the trade partners across the region brought us to this stage,” Savory added.

The company remains a product distributor of the Swiss products, leading in several areas across the region.”

So says Chief Executive Officer, Alicia Deabreu who noted that the Swiss brand is one of the longest brands with the company, spanning some two decades.

“Guyanese love Swiss Ketchup, it has a sweet and tangy taste, and if you love Swiss Ketchup then you will love the mambo sauce. It’s a lover for everyone.

“It’s the perfect sauce that goes with anything, from sushi to fish to cassava balls, you name it and you will mix it,” Deabreu said.

The Swiss brand of products is a line of Pasta and Condiments manufactured by VEMCO – with its 60 year old heritage of producing quality foods for the local and regional markets.

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