Over 3,000 Region Nine residents benefit from Human Services three-day outreach


Aside from the central hub of Lethem, satellite villages such as Parikwarinau, Potarinau, Sand Creek, Tiger Pond and Karasabai were all visited by Minister Persaud for the first time.

Residents benefitted from both an educational and interactive experience on topical issues such as sexual offenses and domestic violence, assistance through the Difficult Circumstances Unit, help from the Childcare and Protection Agency as well as queries on public assistance and old age pension.

Notably, most of the communities touched were given a commitment to have persons trained through the Guyana Women’s Leadership Institute’s Women’s Investment and Innovative Network (WIIN), particularly in garment construction.

Minister Persaud said, “where government is concerned, we don’t think anything is too much to bring to any region and to bring to every person across the length and breadth of Guyana. When the President, His Excellency Dr. Irfaan Ali says One Guyana, he means everyone in this one Guyana and when I came, I am looking at the development that is happening here and the pace in which it is happening. This is what our government is all about, ensuring everyone of you, irrespective of age or gender have the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

“Never before in the history of this country we have seen so many pensioners or beneficiaries of Public Assistance and Permanent Disability. From 2020 when we got into government to now we moved from 60,000-odd pensioners to 73,000 pensioners this year. We started the six-month payment period and now we are working to see between six months and quarterly how often we can have the direct payment come in more regularly and what we have been doing is to improve the system centrally,” Minister Persaud added.

Residents on the sidelines of the visit, complimented Minister Persaud for the drastic change that resulted in the prompt delivery of their old age pension and public assistance since assuming office.

Regional Chairman, Bryan Allicock related, “What you are seeing here is what was promised, and you see this minister here, when she commits to something, she does it and we go all out to satisfy our people. What I want to see is my people happy and they live a comfortable life… that is why Minister took the time to be here with us…”

In the beautiful mountain top village of Potarinau, Toshao Peter Stanislaus related that Minister Persaud was the sixth Minister to come to the community in the past three years and exemplified the Government’s commitment to development in far-flung communities.

Sand Creek Village Toshao, Eugene Andrews highlighted that development is happening gradually, especially in Region Nine and we see this because of the commitment by the government.

Edith Xavier, a pensioner, said “I am happy to see the Minister who is responsible for pension come to see us, I must say thanks to her for making us receive it faster.”

Edward Edwards was also pleased with the exercise. He pointed out, “It is good to see the government coming to us, lots of time it is like we are forgotten but we see the effort of this government and we are pleased to have them here to listen to us and experience the beauty of the region.”

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