Mahdia tragedy: Mental health team mobilised for affected students & parents


A mental health team comprising stakeholders from various government ministries and agencies has been mobilised to provide support to students, parents and other persons affected by the tragic fire at the Mahdia girl’s dormitory in Region Eight.

This was announced by the Minister of Human Services and Social Security Dr. Vindhya Persaud on Monday as she engaged reporters at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

Personnel from the Ministry of Health’s Mental Health Unit, the Georgetown Hospital’s Psychiatry and Psychology Unit and the Child Care and Protection Agency are part of the team.

“… we are now endeavouring to not only deal with those persons who are survivors and experiencing the trauma of the ordeal but also their parents and families who have to deal with that trauma and ordeal,” Dr. Persaud said.

Six of the injured girls were airlifted to Georgetown for treatment; they are nursing serious burn injuries.

Authorities have confirmed that 18 girls and one boy died in the fire. The girls were students while the boy,5, was the son of the caretakers of the dormitory.

A total of 29 girls were rushed to the Mahdia Hospital.

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