Mahdia tragedy: Police file for DPP Wednesday


The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) will soon receive the file from investigations into the devastating fire which ripped through the female dormitory at the Mahdia Secondary School killing 19 children, Police headquarters stated on Tuesday.

The investigations thus far indicate that the fire was maliciously set by a student of the school. The student, the News Room was reliably told, was upset after her phone was taken away over objections by the school that she was engaging in matters dangerous to her well-being with an adult. She had pledged to give “trouble” over the actions taken against her.

The student was seen by other students spraying a substance in the air and then igniting a fire. The fire was set to some mattresses just outside the bathroom area of the dormitory.

  1. Don A Gomes says not institute charges until after the funeral,if she survive her burns.
    sensitive matter indeed.
    this fire starter student is a patient not only form burns but serious psychological shortcomings

  2. Kampta Persaud says

    That’s very sad if that’s what happened.

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