90% of Parliament library now digitised & named after former Clerk


As part of a series of activities to commemorate its 70th anniversary, the Parliament of Guyana on Friday opened its library which was named after one of its former clerks, Frank Narain.

The library, which was previously housed in the dome of the Parliament buildings, is now situated on the ground floor of the western end of the building.

Former Clerk of the National Assembly, Frank Narain

It is now 90 percent digitised and contains documents detailing the country’s parliamentary practices and procedures such as its Standing Orders as well as its history.

Delivering remarks at a simple ceremony on Friday, former Clerk of the National Assembly, Frank Narain said the event marks the revival of a “very long, outstanding” matter.

“I happen to be the bearer of the name chosen for the library…I am the person upon whom that very great honour is being bestowed.

“I could have played only a part in the establishment of the library…Many other persons were also involved…But I alone have been specially selected to be given this great honour today of having my name associated with the library,” Narain added.

Also speaking at the event was Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud who noted that Narain served the Parliament with distinction and has been a repository of information, knowledge and wisdom as it relates to parliamentary practices and procedures.

“I think it is indeed fitting that an area of the Parliament earmarked to contain a repository of wisdom carries your name because it is pivotal to any Parliamentarian life if one would like to have the kind of caliber of debates that we want to see in our National Assembly, we must be well informed, well researched and have the benefit of all the information housed in the library,” Dr Persaud said.

Meanwhile, Opposition Member of Parliament, Khemraj Ramjattan said there has been a rapid evolution of the library as he urged Parliamentarians to make use of it.

“…With the internet days today, you can go find and Google a lot of things that you can find in the library but it is fundamental that we utilise the library as fully as possible,” Ramjattan said.

Narain is the longest-serving parliamentary official in Guyana’s history. He served in public service for 51 years, 36 of which he held the post of Clerk of the National Assembly until his retirement in 2002 at the age of 70.

Current Speaker of the National Assembly Manzoor Nadir and a number of former speakers including Raphael Trotman and Dr Barton Scotland were also honoured for their service. They were each presented with a plaque.

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