Free text books, meals for Kwakwani students from September – President Ali


From September of this year, children of primary and secondary schools across Kwakwani in Region Ten will benefit from free meals and text books as part of the government’s programme to support learning.

This is among a series of benefits for residents of the region which was outlined by President Dr Irfaan Ali as he addressed a public meeting held in the community on Saturday.

According to President Ali, this year, more than $25M will be placed in the pockets of the parents of 619 children of the community who will be benefitting from the $40,000 ‘Because We Care’ cash grant.

“To the parents of these 619 children, you have a moral and ethical responsibility to your conscience for the sake of your children…If you support your children, you have no other choice but to support the People’s Progressive Party/Civic,” the President told those gathered.

And to complement this, Dr Ali said by September this year, every primary school child in Grades 5 and 6 in Kwakwani will get all their text books free of cost and every primary school pupil will receive a free lunch, the President said.

And in one week from now, every secondary school student will also receive their text books.

“That is what you vote for. Better education, better facilities…A system of governance that will deliver to your children and deliver to you…The choice is yours…This is the reality,” President Ali said.

“…We shall commit to you, our full support in advancing your life. We are together in this boat. We are balancing this boat to sail safely on the winds of development and progress,” he noted.

In 2021, the government began distributing all textbooks required to primary school children and starting last year, all secondary school students across the country also began to receive their textbooks.

The Ministry of Education had also rolled out a breakfast programme for all Grade Six students. To date, thousands of students have benefitted from the programme which is expected to be expanded to all regions across the country.

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