‘Give us a chance’ – Jagdeo appeals to GT voters ahead of Local Government polls


Acknowledging that Georgetown has been an Opposition stronghold for decades, General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Dr Bharrat Jagdeo expressed the government’s vision to take over the city and has appealed to voters to give the party a chance at the upcoming Local Government Elections on June 12.

“Give us one chance for us to show what we can do in the city,” Jagdeo told supporters gathered at a public meeting held on Sunday at the corner of Ninth Field and UG Road in Cummings-Lodge.

According to Jagdeo, over the years, the Opposition APNU failed to deliver to the city and the nation at large.

“…We can walk away and do the unthinkable in Guyana’s history which is to take Georgetown. It’s a tall order but we are up to the challenge,” Jagdeo said.

“We are good people, we are good soldiers, who are marching to take the city. We are taking it now. If we don’t take it now, we taking it in the future,” Jagdeo confidentially noted.

General Secretary of the PPP/C, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo met with supporters at the public meeting.

Jagdeo said within three years, the Central Government under the PPP/C government has fixed some 2,000 roads, improved drainage across the city and significantly cleaned up Georgetown.

“If you have a road now that’s bad, it’s going to be fixed….to work at drainage and all of those issues, putting in more pumping capacity to get the water out faster in the city, concrete drains, a whole range of stuff,” Jagdeo promised supporters as he called on them to vote for the change they wish to see in the city.

Noting that the “city is changing,” Jagdeo said within months citizens will begin to see changes which will transform their lives.

“You would be able to walk with your family along a Boulevard from Sheriff Street all the way down to Kingston and at the side of the Boulevard, you would have 10,000 parking spaces in the city so that we would have better parking for residents,” he said.

Similar projects are ongoing between Campbellville and Prashad Nagar and Alboystown, he said.

Additionally, he said focus is being placed on fixing all the playgrounds and equipping them with lights so that young people can be accommodated for recreational and sports activities.

“…Emerging out of South Georgetown right now, new hospitals, new hotels. The face of the city is changing and you need business-like approach in managing the affairs of the city and the team that we are putting together has that approach, they have the vision and the competence of deliver on a new management for a new city,” Jagdeo said.

General Secretary of the PPP/C addressing supported gathered at the public meeting on Sunday.

Further, he said once the PPP/C Government succeed in taking over the city at the upcoming Local Government elections, the Council will be held accountable.

“They will have to account for every cent,” Jagdeo said.

“Not everything is always smooth but people must know that you are there with them in the struggles to transform their communities and if anything that’s one thing that you will always find with the PPP,” he added.

Based on the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) records, Jagdeo shared that APNU is only contesting 340 out of the 610 constituencies at the June 12 Local Government Elections.

And, out of the 80 Local Government areas, he said APNU is not contesting 25.

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