Health screening to commence in schools this month – Dr Anthony


Health screening for dental and visual complications in children will commence this month at schools nationwide through a joint initiative between the Ministries of Health and Education.

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony made the announcement on Friday last.

Speaking at an event, Dr. Anthony said the programme was developed to ensure that preventative care and opportunities are accessible to the nation’s children.

The screening programme was announced last year and is an effort to provide early detection of any health-related issues children develop.

According to DPI, Dr. Anthony said, “We’re starting that programme this month and we have targeted 27,000 nursery school children to be completed before the year comes to an end.”

Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony (Photo: News Room/December 23, 2022)

The children at the nursery level will be screened for health complications such as vision, ear, dental, and other health issues. There will be packages of services provided to all schools, where each child will be examined.

They will undergo another screening process when they enter primary schools so that overtime, the ministry will be able to intervene. The intent is to mitigate potential learning setbacks and to encourage the development of healthy lifestyle among young people. This year the ministry aims to target 55 schools.

Early detection of vision, hearing and other health complications is important.

According to the former Chief Education Officer, Dr Marcel Hutson the Education Ministry is aware that everybody has challenges with learning but it is also the Ministry’s duty to find ways to help learners.

Through this collaborative effort between the health and education ministries, data that is needed for a more constructive response to the challenges learners face will be developed.

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