Contrasting wins for Charity, Queenstown in Essequibo Senior Football League


By Azizi Christiani

The Essequibo Coast/Pomeroon Football Association (ECPFA) Senior League saw Charity FC and Queenstown FC demonstrate their dominance as they secured a resounding 6-1 and 2-1 victory over Good-Hope FC Tapakuma FC, respectively.

The game showcased thrilling moments and remarkable performances from both teams, ultimately leading to Charity FC emerging triumphant.

Right from the kickoff in the day’s first match, Charity FC asserted their authority on the pitch when Carlos Glasgow found the back of the net just two minutes into the game, providing an early advantage.

However, Good-Hope FC retaliated swiftly, equalizing in the fifth minute to keep the contest alive. The game remained intense, with both sides pushing for further goals.

Akeem Norton’s clinical strike in the 40th minute restored Charity FC’s lead, taking them into halftime with a one-goal advantage.

Queenstown FC goal scorers: Avinash Ramanan (left) and Odel Hubbard

The second half witnessed an extraordinary performance from Charity FC.

In the 50th minute, Sheldon Pitt scored a crucial goal, extending their lead and boosting their confidence.

Akeem Norton continued his impressive form, netting his second goal of the match in the 65th minute, further cementing Charity FC’s dominance.

The team’s relentless pursuit of victory was evident as Akeel Abraham added another goal to the tally in the 70th minute.

Just two minutes later, Gavin Duke sealed the deal for Charity FC, delivering a comprehensive 6-1 triumph and securing their second win in the league.

In the second compelling match during week two of the ECPFA Senior League, Queenstown FC clashed with Tapakuma FC.

In the seventh minute, Chris Abrams initiated the scoring for Tapakuma FC with a well-executed tap-in goal.

However, Tapakuma FC’s lead was short-lived as Avinash Ramanan capitalized on an opportunity outside the 30-yard box, netting an impressive equalizer in the 21st minute. Odel Hubbard’s exceptional free-kick goal just before halftime sealed the victory for Queenstown FC, solidifying their position in the league.

As the excitement of the ECPFA Senior League continues to build, in Week three’s fixtures, Mainstay Goal Star FC faces off against Tapakuma FC on July 22nd at 14:00hrs.

Later that day, Good Hope FC takes on Queenstown United at 16:00hrs. On July 23rd, Dartmouth Dominators FC clashes with Charity FC at 16:00hrs. Exciting matchups await!

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