Lt. Col. Lancelot Khan new head of Rotary Demerara


The Rotary Club of Demerara recently welcomed a new President and Board of Directors at a handing-over ceremony at the Marriott Hotel.

Outgoing President Indira Mattai handed over the badge of office and club charter to incoming President, Lt. Col. Lancelot Khan.

In his acceptance speech, President Khan pledged his commitment to rigorously uphold the tenets and principles that guide Rotary and Rotarians, maintaining and promoting Demerara as a Club that exemplifies the values of Rotary International and keeping Guyana at the forefront of Rotary’s drive in the Caribbean.

He also spoke of his willingness to collaborate with the other Rotary Clubs in Guyana.

He thanked sponsors and Friends of Rotary, assuring them that the Club would continue to be accountable to them, District 7030, Rotary International, other members, and society at large while serving vulnerable populations.

President Khan also implored Rotarians to revisit and realign their purpose for being a member and to the principles they voluntarily committed.

Meanwhile, over the past year, the Club completed activities such as donating 49 bicycles so that students in three Region Eight villages could ride instead of walking for miles to attend school in neighbouring villages, donating 375 pieces of footwear to multiple villages, as well as donating sporting equipment to the Katoonarib Primary School.

Rotary Club of Demerara recently welcomed a new President and Board of Directors at a handing-over ceremony at the Marriott Hotel

This year also marked the resumption of the biannual Rotary/RAM medical outreaches to the Rupununi.

Other impactful initiatives included the Club’s annual blood drive, medical outreaches in Region Two, a “Girls in Stem” initiative, a Wildlife Art in the Park Project, and significant support to the replenishing and establishment of new libraries throughout the entire country through a donation of 50,000 books.

As the Rotary Club of Demerara continues its mission as people of action, President Khan and his board aim to continue to execute the club’s annual projects.

Other members of the incoming board include President-Elect Rot. Quenita Walrond-Lewis; Vice-President, PP Patrick De Groot; Immediate Past President (IPP) Indira Mattai; Treasurer, PP. Ramesh Seebarran; Club Secretary Rot. Cristel Cheong; Club Admin Rot. Elizabeth Gopie; Service Projects Chair, Rot. Domanique Cameron; Foundation Chair, Rot. Keisha Chin; Membership Chair, PP. Hansraj Singh, and Public Image Chair, Rot. Tamika Inglis.

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