Mainstay, Queenstown dominate in latest ECPFA Senior League games


By Azizi Christiani

In an action-packed Week Three of the Essequibo Coast/Pomeroon Football Association (ECPFA) Senior League, Mainstay Football Club and Queenstown United Football Club emerged as dominant forces on the pitch, securing impressive victories against their opponents.

The first match of Week Three showcased an extraordinary display of talent and skill as Mainstay FC clashed with Tapakuma FC at Multi Ground.

Mainstay FC asserted their dominance from the very beginning, leaving Tapakuma FC struggling to keep up.

In the eighth minute of the game, Mainstay’s forward Chris Belfield set the tone with an early goal, setting the stage for a brilliant performance.

Andron Fernandes joined the scoring spree in the 16th minute, putting Tapakuma FC under immense pressure.

Fernandes continued to impress, netting another goal in the 27th minute, ensuring that Mainstay FC entered the first half with a comfortable three-goal lead.

The second half witnessed no respite for Tapakuma FC as Mainstay FC continued their relentless attack.

Randy De Jonge took center stage in the 54th minute, adding another goal to Mainstay’s tally.

Not content with just one, De Jonge swiftly struck again in the 55th minute.

Joseph Kistoo joined the goal parade in the 62nd minute, further solidifying Mainstay FC’s position.

Randy De Jonge displayed his prowess in front of the net once more, securing goals in the 63rd and 89th minutes.

Meanwhile, Chris Belfield made a significant contribution, finding the net again in the 68th minute.

When the final whistle blew, Mainstay FC celebrated a resounding 9-0 victory over Tapakuma FC, with Randy De Jonge completing a remarkable double hat-trick.

Queenstown FC goalscorers! From left: Emani Duncan, Orvil Warrick and Keven Martinborough (Photo: News Room/Azizi Christiani/July 2023)

In the second match of Week Three, the action continued at Multi Ground as Queenstown United Football Club faced off against Good Hope Football Club.

Queenstown FC, buoyed by their previous successes, looked to maintain their winning streak.

The match started with both teams showing promise, but it was Queenstown FC’s Emani Duncan who broke the deadlock in the 26th minute with a well-timed header, sending his team and fans into jubilation.

As the game progressed, Good Hope FC fought valiantly to find an equaliser, but Queenstown’s defense remained resilient.

In the 65th minute, Queenstown FC was awarded a penalty, and Orvil Warrick stepped up to the challenge, calmly converting it to extend their lead to 2-0.

Good Hope FC fought hard to stage a comeback, but Queenstown FC’s solid defensive line thwarted their attempts.

Queenstown FC’s Kevin Martinborough put the icing on the cake in the 74th minute, slotting a well-placed shot past the opposition’s goalkeeper, sealing his team’s victory with a final score of 3-0.

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