Rameez Mohamed’s 2JZ Mustang ready for Drag Wars 2


Motorsport enthusiasts in Guyana are eagerly anticipating the adrenaline-fuelled spectacle of the Tropical Shipping Drag Wars 2, and one name that stands out among the competitors is Rameez Mohamed.

As a multi-discipline motorsport driver passionate about Endurance, Circuit races and Drag Racing, Rameez is no stranger to victory. However, this time, he has a burning desire to win with his recently acquired BM Soat Auto Sales and Rentals’ 2JZ Mustang.

Rameez’s journey with his 2JZ Mustang began just two days before the previous Drag Wars event. Acquiring the car so close to the race gave him little time to get familiar with it.

But, being a determined and skilled driver, Rameez took on the challenge head-on. The last event served as an opportunity for him to get acquainted with the powerful machine.

Although he didn’t secure a win, his jubilant spirit and fighting demeanour left a lasting impression on the fans.

Rameez Mohamed (Photo: Ackeem Thomas)

Throughout 2023, Rameez Mohamed has tasted victory driving various cars, including the Endurance Honda Integra, Group 2 Honda Civic, and Toyota Starlet.

These triumphs have undoubtedly boosted his confidence as he prepares to take on Drag Wars 2 with his 2JZ Mustang. Rameez is focused on personal victories and has a strong desire to represent Guyana on the motorsport map.

His performances in various disciplines have already showcased his versatility and adaptability as a driver.

Regarding his upcoming challenge, Rameez is confident in his 2JZ Mustang capabilities. The car, known for its formidable power and performance, has the potential to compete with the top contenders in the race.

Rameez believes that with enough preparation and determination, he can be highly competitive with this beast of a machine.

One of the key characteristics that set Rameez apart from his peers is his love for the fans. He understands that they are an essential part of the motorsport experience, and he always aims to put on a show that leaves them thrilled and excited.

As the date of the Tropical Shipping Drag Wars 2 draws near, he is leaving no stone unturned in his preparations.

He is working diligently with his team to fine-tune the 2JZ Mustang for the race, ensuring it is in peak condition. Rameez’s dedication to his craft and unwavering passion for motorsport make him a formidable competitor.

When asked about his goals for the upcoming drag race, Rameez smilesd, “I am ready to defend Guyana on the track. I want to bring home the victory with my 2JZ Mustang. It won’t be easy, as the competition will be fierce, but I am determined to give it my all and make my country proud.”

With his jubilant spirit, fighting mentality, and relentless drive to win, he promises to be a force to be reckoned with on the track.

Guyana’s motorsport fans are in for an exhilarating spectacle, and Rameez is prepared to give them a show. (GMR&SC)

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