ECPFA Senior League: Mainstay Goal Stars whip Good Hope 4-1


By Azizi Christiani in Essequibo

The Essequibo Coast/Pomeroon Football Association (ECPFA) Senior League continued at the weekend with Mainstay Goal Stars showcasing their dominance, defeating Good Hope 4-1 in a spectacular display of skill and teamwork.

The match kicked off with high intensity, and Andron Fernandes opened the scoring for Mainstay, netting a goal on the 20th minute.

Building on their momentum, Rayon John extended the lead with a superb goal in the 47th minute, putting Mainstay two goals ahead.

Randy De Jonge, in impeccable form, continued the goal-scoring spree for Mainstay, securing two goals in quick succession, in the 58th and 62nd minutes.

The back-to-back strikes gave Mainstay an impressive 4-0 lead, putting them firmly in control of the match.

Although Good Hope’s Malik Durant managed to find the net with a late goal in the 86th minute, it was too little, too late for Good Hope FC to mount a comeback, as Mainstay Goal Stars secured their second win in the league.

Meanwhile, in the scheduled afternoon match, Henrietta United secured an easy victory by a walkover as Tapakuma Football Club failed to show up, leaving the field empty for Henrietta United to claim the win.

As the league moves into Week Five, football fans can anticipate exciting clashes at the Multi Ground on August 12.

Dartmouth Dominators will face off against Mainstay Goal Stars, promising an intense battle for supremacy at 14:00h, while at 16:00h, Henrietta United will go head-to-head with Good Hope, setting the stage for another captivating match.

On August 13, Charity and Queenstown will lock horns in a match that is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats, as both teams strive to make their mark in the ECPFA Senior League.

With thrilling matches and surprising outcomes, the ECPFA Senior League continues to deliver nail-biting football action, captivating both players and fans alike.

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