UPDATE: Family in Craig accident travelled to G/T for cricket game; daughter was pregnant


A Charity, Essequibo couple and their pregnant daughter who perished in the accident at Craig, East Bank Demerara (EBD) Monday night, had travelled to Georgetown to attend a cricket match last weekend.

Eric Christopher Thomas

Eric Christopher Thomas, 60, a labourer and Annette Williams, 56, a vendor at the Charity market are married. The third victim, Lynette Chappelle is their daughter. She was about five months pregnant.

Two children, seven-year-old Keron Chappelle (Lynette’s son) along with a 13-year-old cousin were also injured in the accident which occurred around 21:00hrs on the Craig Public Road, EBD.

They were all occupants of motor vehicle #PPP 3034, driven by Stanley La Cruise, a 57-year-old resident of Mon Repos Pasture, East Coast Demerara.

Police Headquarters said investigations revealed that La Cruise allegedly made a ‘U-Turn’ from the eastern driving lane onto the western driving lane and in the process, he collided with the motor lorry #GYY 9560.

Both La Cruise and the truck driver, Tyrese Bess, a 21-year-old of Mocha, EBD are presently in police custody assisting with the investigation.

Police said they were both administered breathalyzer tests and no trace of alcohol was detected.

The News Room spoke to a neighbour of the dead family, Savita (only name given) who related that they left Charity last week for the city.

“Aunty Annette gone up Georgetown Thursday and Lynette gone Saturday… last night we heard the news that they died in an accident. They went to see cricket,” Savita said.

The truck, GYY 9560, that was also involved in the accident.

Meanwhile, at the scene, residents related that the accident was caused due to La Cruise’s decision to take a U-turn on the major public road.

Motieram told the News Room that he had just disembarked a minibus when the accident occurred.

“A car come and mek one U-turn and as he U-turn, the truck was right up to he… the car was wrong… cause the driver just come and mek one sudden turn” Motieram said.

“The truck man try he best fah save he but he couldn’t mek it,” he added.

Following the accident, Motieram said he and others assisted the victims, two of whom died at the scene.

“Two body deh in the seat. One lady pitch out…I go to them rescue. There was two lil child, we have them but the two person in the car did done look dead,” he related.

According to Motieram, speeding was not involved in the accident.

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