Albion/ Port Mourant Estate surpasses weekly production targets by 8%


See below full press release issued by the Guyana Sugar Corporation:

The Guyana Sugar Corporation is pleased to announce that the Albion/Port Mourant Estate has surpassed its weekly production target for the second time since the commencement of the 2nd Crop of 2023 in the week ending August 11, 2023.

The estate recorded increases in its ability to supply canes to the factory as a result of the 70% turnout of harvesters this week vs. a second crop of 2023 turnout of 62%. The workers so far has responded positively to a better than expected cane yield in the field, an incentive scheme that is motivating greater productivity, and a stable industrial relations climate. These factors have enabled the estate to achieve its target for the second time since grinding operations began and will boost the income of workers at Albion Estate, who have worked a minimum of eighty per cent (80%) of the days available for the week the target was achieved. This will earn them an additional day’s pay (tax free) through GuySuCo’s Weekly Production Incentive (WPI) programme.

Albion/Port Mourant Estate’s Manager Yudhisthira Mana said this achievement was possible due to team work and comradery. “Our success is attributed to our team’s unwavering commitment and the implementation of advanced harvesting techniques. Additionally, favourable weather conditions have played a pivotal role in our accomplishments. We are immensely proud of our achievements and look forward to continuing our pursuit of excellence to achieve this crop’s target”.

The Albion Port Mourant Estate is slated to produce 47% of the expected sugar production in this 2nd Crop of 2023 to meet the annual target of 60,858 MT. With Rose Hall Estate commencing grinding operations in late September 2023, this will further strengthen the industry’s production capacity.

Mr. Sasenarine Singh, Chief Executive Officer of GuySuco in congratulating the workers on the Albion/Port Morant Estate stated “the investment of over $17 billion in the field and factory during the last three years funded by the Government of Guyana have started to show some of the expected results despite the entire Project to rebuild the largest Estate at Albion was constrained by the great floods of 2021”. The CEO express his deep gratitude to the Government of Guyana led by His Excellency President Dr Irfan Ali, the team at the Ministry of Agriculture led by the Hon. Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha and the entire Board of Directors led by Mr. Madanlall Ramraj for their unwavering support on this rebuilding project.

The CEO further stated that “he would like to thank the workers and management on the Estate for what they have done to firstly overcome the flood crisis of 2021, their efforts to plant the canes in 2022 and which has culminated in opportunity to now in 2023 harvest better quality canes and produce more the sugar”. The CEO stated “he salutes the workers across the Industry at all Estates, at Headquarters, at the Demerara Sugar Terminal and all other locations for their continued dedication and commitment which will make all the difference in the objective of the Corporation in surpassing the 60,000 MT benchmark”.


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