Search ongoing for boat captain following collision in Pomeroon River


A search is ongoing for Regan Rodriguez, a 40-year-old farmer of Charity Housing Scheme, who fell overboard in the Pomeroon River on Thursday afternoon after another boat crashed into him.

Police Headquarters reported that the incident occurred at around 14:40 hrs.

According to the Police, Andel Garraway, a 23-year-old licensed boat captain, was the lone occupant in a wooden Balahoo, measuring  21 feet in length by eight feet in width and powered by a 250 Hp Yamaha outboard engine.

The wooden boat was damaged as a result of the impact of the collision. (Photo: GPF/August 31,2023)

The Balahoo was proceeding from the Charity Wharf to Grant Phoenix Park, Lower Pomeroon River when it hit another wooden Balahoo, measuring 14 feet in length by four feet in width and powered by a 5 Hp Yahama engine.

The smaller vessel was captained by Rodriguez.

Garraway told the Police that he proceeding south on the river when he collided with the said boat, causing Rodriguez to fall overboard.

Garraway claimed he did not see the smaller boat and only felt an impact. Looking in the water, Garraway said he saw a hat and a small boat with the engine “tilt up.”

A joint search party has since been launched for Rodriguez.

Garraway is in Police custody, assisting with the investigation.

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  1. habeeb says

    What is wrong with operators on Guyana’s waterways, that they cannot see the benefit of wearing a life preserver-floatation device. The used to call it LIFE-BUOY in the old days…and some thought it was the soap Lifeboy they talking about.

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