Boy violently abused in need of urgent medical care


A nine-year-old boy, who has only been identified as Neil, is in need of urgent medical care for third-degree burns and other injuries about his body.

The boy sustained his injuries in an alleged case of severe child abuse.

The Saving hand Emergency Aid (SHEA) publicly funded charity is raising funds for the boy, who is currently receiving care at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

“Due to the severity of his injuries, he must be medically transported to the United States for emergency treatment by air ambulance. Fortunately, we have secured treatment for him, but we need your help to get him to the United States,” SHEA wrote in a Facebook post.

The News Room understands that about US$50,000 is needed to transport the boy via an air ambulance. A SHEA volunteer is also expected to accompany him for treatment abroad and stay with him as he recovers.

Donations can be made via the GoFundMe page:

At Demerara Bank, under the name Lori Narine with account number: 2041325. For wire transfers, the account type is a savings account.

Other options include: Mobile Money Guyana (MMG): 650-8658; VENMO: @SheaCharityGY; or Zelle: SHEA@SHEACHARITY.ORG

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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    Oh! How sad for the little one. it is beyond my thinking how someone could be so cruel to a minor at that. I do hope that all is medically done for him so that he could get well again. I also hope that the necessary justice would be served.

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