Roundabout accident: Driver was speeding, three persons injured


Three persons were injured Friday night following an accident at the intersection of the Eccles to Mandela four-lane road and Dumpsite Road, East Bank Demerara.

Police Headquarters said the incident occurred at about 21:40 hrs.

It involved motor car #PAB 805, owned and driven by Troy Humphrey, a 27-year-old employee of the University of Guyana (UG) library and a resident of Norton Street, Georgetown. Phillip Jeffery, a 23-year-old security guard of Queenstown, Georgetown, and Fulisa Burnette, 19, of Norton Street, Georgetown were occupants of the vehicle.

It was reported that the car was proceeding south on the eastern carriageway of the Eccles to Mandela four-lane Road at a fast rate.

As the vehicle approached the intersection, where there is a recently-commissioned roundabout, Police said the driver failed to stop and continued further south. He subsequently crashed into the roundabout.

As a result of the collision, the water fountain, other parts of the roundabout and the vehicle, were extensively damaged.

Meanwhile, Humphrey and the two occupants received injuries to their heads and other parts of their bodies. They were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital for treatment.

Humphrey and Burnette are reportedly stable but Jeffrey is receiving critical care in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital

The vehicle has been lodged at Diamond Police Station to be examined by a licensing and certifying officer.

Police also said open and sealed bottles of alcoholic beverages were observed at the scene in and out of the vehicle. Investigations into the matter continue.

  1. derk says

    The Ministry of Home affairs and the police will have to train drivers to use Roundabouts since this is a relatively new feature on the roads in Guyana.
    These Roundabout are not easily understood by many experienced drivers not to mention students who always find it difficult to grasp during instructions in the UK.

  2. habeeb says

    Someone (the GoG/Traffic Dept) failed to explain to ALL and this driver what a ROUNDABOUT is used for ?
    Or is it that UG Library driver cannot read signs ?
    Or was he trying to take a bath in the fountain ? By the way, whose idea was it to build a fountain instead of
    beautification with flowers, which bees need daily and farmers too for pollination of crops all over ?
    The designers don’t seem too smart….for a fountain that has no purpose, instead of planting flowers for bees ?

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