DeSinco gifts insecticide sprays to Rotary Club in fight against dengue, vector-borne diseases 


See the full statement issued below:

DeSinco Limited, the distributor of the renowned  BOP Insecticide Spray in the Caribbean, has generously contributed a significant quantity of this  highly effective insecticide to the Rotary Club of Georgetown. This partnership aims to bolster the  community response to Dengue Fever and other preventable diseases caused by flying and  crawling insects. 

Dengue Fever continues to pose a major health threat in various regions of Guyana, including  Regions 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10. In response to this challenge, DeSinco Limited has stepped up with  their donation, as BOP Insecticide Spray is recognized for its unparalleled efficacy in eliminating  indoor flying and crawling insects. 

The Rotary Club of Georgetown will spearhead the distribution efforts, ensuring that these critical  supplies reach those in need. The beneficiaries will include health centres, educational  institutions, daycare facilities, clinics, and other community organisations dedicated to maintaining  public health. 

Shannon Savory, representing DeSinco Limited, emphasised their commitment to community  well-being. She noted, “DeSinco Limited and BOP are committed to giving back to the community.  We stand united with governmental and non-governmental organisations in protecting Guyanese  communities from infectious and vector-borne diseases”. 

The official handover ceremony was attended by key members of the Rotary Club of Georgetown,  including President Devindra Kissoon, Secretary Natasha M. Vieira, and Service Projects Director  Wilmot Garnett. This collaborative effort underscores their unwavering dedication to the health  and well-being of the Guyanese populace. 

The Rotary Club of Georgetown extends its profound gratitude to DeSinco Limited for this  generous donation, which will undoubtedly make a significant impact in the ongoing battle against  Dengue Fever and other preventable diseases. Together, they are paving the way towards a  healthier and safer future for the Guyanese community.

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