Motorcyclist, 52, dies in Harbour Bridge accident


A 52-year-old motorcyclist succumbed on Tuesday afternoon, hours after he allegedly collided with another motorcycle on the Demerara Harbour Bridge.

Dead is Shazam Khan, 52, of Westminster, West Bank Demerara.

Police Headquarters confirmed they are investigating the accident which occurred around 08:30 hrs.

According to a Police report, enquiries revealed that Khan was proceeding east along the southern side of the Demerara Harbour Bridge on motorcycle, CL 2370, at a fast rate.

He was behind another motorcycle, CL 639, driven by 26-year-old Quaison Tasher of Independence Boulevard, Georgetown, who was proceeding in the same direction during the ‘double lane’ period.

“It is alleged that the front wheel of motorcycle CL 2370 collided with the right side rear of motorcycle CL 639,” the Police said.

As a result of the collision, Khan lost control of his motorcycle and collided with the bridge rail.

He then fell onto the bridge surface where he sustained injuries about his body.

Khan was picked up in an unconscious condition by public-spirited citizens and transported to the West Demerara Regional Hospital.

He was later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he was admitted as a patient in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Khan succumbed to his injuries at about 14:30 hrs.

Tasher is currently in Police custody assisting with the investigation.

Both motorcycles were lodged to be examined by a Licensing and Certifying Officer. Meanwhile, Khan’s body is at the hospital’s mortuary awaiting a post-mortem examination.

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  1. Hazrat Shahid says

    These motorcyclist does be speeding on the harbour bridge every day they do not slow whilst riding between traffic its also a normal thing for them not using their correct lane on the bridge which is the left side cornermost. They are always between traffic even on the roadways. So sorry that a life has been lost but people ought to learn to ride & drive defensively and not aggressively. If you know you are late every day 5 minutes try to leave 5 minutes early and you will see the difference.

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