‘Family Man’ nabbed with 25lbs of ganja at Weldaad


Twenty-four-year-old Akeem Smith called “Family Man” was arrested with 25 pounds of marijuana on Monday at the Weldaad Police Station in Region Five.

Smith, a mason of Norton Street, Georgetown was a passenger in a Toyota Noah vehicle (HC 6696), which was stopped by ranks manning the Police check-point.

Police searched the vehicle and its occupants who were asked to exit the vehicle with their belongings.

During the search, Smith, who had two haversacks in his possession, was searched by the ranks. Inside the haversacks were three parcels wrapped with transparent plastic containing the marijuana.

Smith was told of the offence committed, arrested and cautioned; he admitted to the Police that the narcotic belonged to him.

Smith was placed into custody pending further investigations and charges.


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