GT Beer Tapeball tournament bowls off in Essequibo this weekend

- Seven-a-side 5/5 competition to be feature both male and female cricketers


The cricket fever is about to reach new levels as the GT Beer 5/5, seven-a-side Men and Women tapeball tournament gears up for an action-packed showdown, commencing on Saturday (October 7, 2023) in Essequibo.

The excitement was evident as cricket enthusiasts gathered for the grand launch at the Jaigobin Hotel Conference Hall this week.

This thrilling tournament promises to be a cricket spectacle like no other, with teams battling for a prize pool exceeding G$400,000.

Over the course of four electrifying Saturday evenings, 27 teams will vie for supremacy in the exciting tapeball format. Men and Women’s divisions will add a dual dimension of excitement to the event.

Matches will be played at the Hibernia, Golden Fleece and Affiance Number One grounds in Region Two.

The Women’s tournament will feature a knockout format, where the triumphant team will receive the coveted G$50,000 cash prize and the championship trophy.

On the other hand, the Men’s competition will adopt a round-robin format, setting the stage for intense rivalries and fierce competition.

The champion team of the Men’s division will be rewarded handsomely, walking away with a G$200,000 cash prize and accompanying trophy.

The runners-up and third-placed teams will not leave empty-handed, receiving G$100,000 and G$50,000 respectively, in addition to trophies.

The launch ceremony witnessed the presence of esteemed individuals who share a deep commitment to cricket development in the county.

Among them were GT Beer executives Dwain Bristol and Gavin Jodhan, along with Airy Hall Branch Manager Navin Lallbachan.

Their expressions of enthusiasm underscored the importance of corporate sponsorship in nurturing cricket talent at the grassroots level.

Adding to the prestige of the occasion, Elroy Stephney, Vice-President of the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB), joined tournament organiser Rawle Pearce in endorsing the tapeball tournament.

Their shared sentiments reflected the ECB’s commitment to promoting cricket among the youth and creating opportunities for budding talents to shine.

As the tournament takes centre stage, cricket fans can anticipate a thrilling series of matches filled with skill, passion and rivalry.

With the generous support of GT Beer and the dedication of all involved, this event is set to become a fixture in the cricket calendar, fostering the growth of cricket in the region and offering players a chance to showcase their talents on a grand stage.

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