Cousins chopped, beaten at Grove bar


Two cousins are seriously injured after a group of men allegedly attacked and beat them while at a bar at Grove, East Bank Demerara on Saturday night.

The injured men, Randalph Persaud, called Christopher, 23 of Grove, East Bank Demerara and Leon Archer, called Devon, 23, of Melanie, East Coast Demerara, went to the bar at around 22:30 hrs to purchase beverages as they were drinking at Persaud’s home.

According to their aunt, Madona Landry, they [her nephews] went to the bar to buy more stuff and the guy walked into the bar and lashed Randalph in his face with a wood.”

She added, “My other nephew, Devon, he said that he stepped out of the bar to ask the young man what is the problem and the young man started lashing him in his back with a wood.”

Randalph Persaud and Leon Archer

Leon collapsed but eventually got up and ran behind the attacker when he was beaten and chopped again.

“They started to chop him up and lash him with whatever they had in their hands. He had to run to escape for his life,” Landry said.

Both men were taken to the Diamond Hospital, EBD. Randalph told his family that the attacker has an issue with him because one of his friends is in a relationship with the attacker’s ex-girlfriend. Randalph claimed that the young man has been targeting him since.

A report of the incident was made to the Grove Police Station but the attacker is yet to be arrested.

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